Mind, Body and Soul

I’m a caring Holistic Healer specializing in a variety of holistic treatment services. Contact me to find out more about how I can help you.

Reiki Treatment


Energy Healing

This is a hands-on body treatment that leaves patients feeling relaxed and renewed. I love showing my patients how just a few treatments can make an enormous difference to their health.

Yoga Pose


Balance Your Chi

This can be used in conjunction with other alternative therapies. It takes into account the whole person and helps activate each patient’s natural healing processes as well as restoring their physical and emotional well-being.

Image by Jay Castor

Life Coaching

Natural Healing

Holistic medicine is a broad range of practices based on generations of tradition. After a single session, you’ll start to see changes to your body, mind and energy levels. Contact me to find out more.

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Tuning Forks

Tuning to your Natural Vibration

Everything in our universe is energy and vibration. Sound healing therapy raises the natural vibration in the body. Tuning Fork therapy helps to relax, and increase the flow of vital energy essential to healing.